August 5, 2015


What is going on with HydraConnect? Where is the website?
Where is the support?

An open letter by Sean Greer, CEO of HydraConnect Sales, LLC

As many have noticed, the HydraConnect.com website is no longer up and the phone line only has a simple voicemail. There has been an enormous amount of confusion regarding the status of HydraConnect, LLC, as well as that of HydraConnect Sales, LLC. As the CEO of HydraConnect Sales, LLC, I’ll clear up as much confusion as I can.


The HydraConnect, LLC, company is the subject of a lawsuit between the former owners and the new owner, HydraConnect Sales, LLC. This lawsuit is in Denver District Court and is case number 2014 CV 34303. The easiest document to read for a summary of the case is document 11635B30FBB59 and document 5a4289558B059 which are the Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law. These documents are created by the legal counsel for both the parties in the lawsuit. It is both sides of the argument as seen from each point of view, and is filed to help the judge make his or her decision, and as such is public record.


Because the case is still before the court, little can be expounded upon on at this time. Providing that HydraConnect Sales, LLC, prevails, we will post the judgement on the HydraConnect.com website as soon as it is received. The case was heard the week of July 27, 2015, and written closing arguments are due the 14th of August 2015. The judgment in the case is expected in about 2-6 weeks after the closing arguments.


Between 7 and 14 days before the start of the trial, demands were received from multiple technology license holders (many of these are mentioned in our side of the above case document) to cease and desist all operations relating to products using the aforementioned licensable technology (i.e. all HydraConnect Matrix Products). In compliance with these demands, the HydraConnect, LLC, offices closed completely starting Saturday, July 25th.


HydraConnect is currently continuing to comply with this request from the license holders and will remain closed pending the ruling of the judge in this case.  The HydraConnect.com website mentioned many of these technologies and supplied sales and marketing materials, so it was closed in compliance with these demands as well as the HydraConnect, LLC, main phone lines.


HydraConnect, LLC, products (HDMI Matrix) and HydraConnect Pro products (Extenders) were formerly offered in the same catalog for dealer convenience through HydraConnect Sales, LLC, but HDMI Matrix product has never been directly supported by HydraConnect Sales, LLC. This means that the products produced by HydraConnect Sales, LLC, such as the HCP100 and HCP300 extender kits are still available for sale, warranty, and support.

If you need to place an order for HydraConnect Pro Extenders or Receivers, please email sales@hydraconnectpro.com directly or sales@HydraConnect.com and the email will be automatically forwarded to HydraConnect Sales, LLC for order processing. Tech support for only HCP100 and HCP300 extender kits can be easily reached at tech@hydraconnectpro.com.


Please be assured that HydraConnect Sales, LLC, has the best interest of each dealer at heart. HydraConnect, LLC, was purchased to prevent the closing of that company back in July of 2014. HydraConnect Sales, LLC, has worked diligently with the technology license holders to become licensed and compliant once the deficiencies were identified in the product, all while defending itself from the lawsuit mentioned above. It has been a challenging year, and we face even more challenges in the future. Regardless of this lawsuit, we intend to do our best to heal relationships and continue to work with our dealer base with or without access to the HydraConnect, LLC, matrix products. 


On a personal note, and as an installer for many, many, years myself, I wish to apologize to all the HydraConnect dealers who are struggling through this time. I understand your pain and frustration, and respect your decision to stand by, leave, or even curse the product during this time. The customers we serve are all that matter. Their happiness is our reputation. Their system reliability is our calling card. Please understand that I am fighting for you each and every day to get things back on track with a fully licensed and certified product that we can stand behind.


Sean Greer
CEO / President
HydraConnect Sales, LLC